Companions to the dying.

Perhaps the least applauded, you work so peacefully, Providing care and comfort, to those who will not see, A future life before them, here on Earth, but hopefully, Their soul and spirit remembered, here and eternally. But Nurses, Doctors, Friends, whose dilligence displays The essence of humanity in many diff’rent ways Love, sympathy, devotion in […]

Great Investors!, New Billionaires!

Oh Great Investors!, New Billionaires!, You feel strong on account of your wealth Sure you worry about the price of your shares, But they’re not a good measure of health. Take more attention, is p’raps better advice, Of the wider effects of your work, For many believe, your self-centred greed Shows good ethics is something […]

We are, each of us, responsible.

Song Saa, this idyllic isle, now warns us, what we should dread. Explaining how, the life we know hangs by a thin, and thinning, thread. Careless, we abuse our Earth, to satisfy desire, Despite the warnings, the life we love, will certainly expire. Dig the coal, pump the oil, let no-one bid us nay, Pollute […]