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  • With deep regret.

    October 15, 2021 by

    Once again we mourn, the loss of a great soulWhose unselfish life was ended, by a selfish devoteeUnknown, his motivation, or his intended goal,But by his mindless violence, he killed a great MP. These belated words, just describe the great frustration.Of those who write, too late, their superficial linesKnowing, those who really need, their thoughtful… Read more

  • What is Woke?

    October 15, 2021 by

    I have to admit, as a very old blokeI do not understand what is meant by ‘woke’,Seems to me, it confuses, what is just common sense,With misguided thoughts and the strangest pretence,That history can be, by vandals erasedHumanitarians, too, cease to be praisedIf not supported by the self-centred FewWho claim a right, to tell us… Read more

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