What did I see?

When we say “I saw it!”,
Perhaps we ought to say,
We glanced at an image
Before we looked away.
When you draw you really look,
The right shape to define
And so with Nature, really look
The great beauty there to find.
So in your Explorations,
Look underneath the stone,
In between the grasses
For they are not alone
Hundreds of little creatures
Each with a life complete
Are there to be discovered
Beneath your giant feet!
Then you will have really seen,
Nature, for you, unfurled
So take your friend along next time
To share the Wonders of our World.
George Potter

Published by George Potter

A retired Chartered Mechanical Engineer, still adept at getting my hands (and clothes) dirty, inventor of all sorts of non-commercial, but novel solutions, amateur carpenter and occasional writer of poems and painter in watercolours.

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