The Visitor

This visitor is always near, waiting to be heard,

Not always too apparent, but each considered word,

That he, or she, would like to say, in a moment calm,

Will probably, if listened to, save each of us from harm.

This visitor is not alone, we have one by our side,

And so do Politicians and Presidents beside,

Even warring Generals, the Rich, the Poor, the Weak,

Can have this Sage, for nothing, if we just let it speak.

This visitor is Common Sense, so there is no surprise,

Its messages are simple, but full of logic wise,

Why do we then struggle, to avoid stupid mistakes?

When listening to this Visitor, is really all it takes.

George Potter

Published by George Potter

A retired Chartered Mechanical Engineer, still adept at getting my hands (and clothes) dirty, inventor of all sorts of non-commercial, but novel solutions, amateur carpenter and occasional writer of poems and painter in watercolours.

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