Broken China

(Thoughts after the breakdown of a marriage)

The Loving Cup is broken, its contents strewn around,

The once lovely wholeness, is split upon the ground

The jagged edges, razor sharp, enough to wound anew_

The caring children, who would love, to rejoin the two.

Though now the points are far too keen, for the whole to realign,

Don’t let unkindness trample on this still unique design

Each half now needs support, and may not stand alone

For family ties are fragile, like porcelain, not stone

It may be found that strain without, is more than strain within_

The family, and in good time rapprochement will begin.

Thoughts of happier times can’t be, forgotten and sealed up

Chips and cracks can coexist in many a well loved cup.

So this design, though broken, still has a unique glory

And hopefully we pray, for a good end to this story.

Published by George Potter

A retired Chartered Mechanical Engineer, still adept at getting my hands (and clothes) dirty, inventor of all sorts of non-commercial, but novel solutions, amateur carpenter and occasional writer of poems and painter in watercolours.

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