If Only…

When we say ‘if only’…, it leads on to a wish,

Be it, for a sunny summer, or to catch a bigger fish!

For honest politicians, for zero income tax,

A world without Al Queda, or more time to relax!

Usually, it is someone else, we think should make the change,

But if we turn the words around, our lives we rearrange.

For ‘Only if’, we do something, can we help to right the wrong,

Only if, we shout aloud, will we be heard above the throng.

Only if, we decide, can we change what might have been,

For ‘Only if’, means action, while ‘If Only’s  just a dream.

George Potter

Crossing the Channel

All around us, now exists, a state of great confusion,

No-one seems to know, which is the way to go,

From our Ministers, division, our leaders rudder-less

The charts have no indication, of the ground below.

In olden days the Captain, would, “Take a sounding!’”, shout,

The uncomplicated lead-line, into the depth was thrown,

It found the bottom, and straight forwardly

The important facts were known.

Now they use elastic thread to measure depths unknown

The line has inbuilt buoyancy, so the bottom’s never seen

The vague measurement presented, uncompromisingly

Is only a reflection, of where we just have been.

Clearly, we are still afloat, (none felt an awful shudder),

What we need is Vision, but on whom, now,  can we call?

Not the mutinous rebellion, of pirate boarding parties

Who claim great power, but actually, do nothing much at all.

So, clever Politicians, ‘all at sea’ or ashore,

Analyse with care, the dangers that abound

Think carefully about, where our boat is heading

Then make a sensible decision, before we run aground.

George Potter

Fellow Travellers

We are six thousand million on this earth today

We recognise a handful, but that is not to say

That those we do not know, and those we haven’t met

Are any less important on this earthly realm, and yet,

Some present Religion as the faultless guide

To those that we should fear, or gladly stand beside.

As no-one fears a new born child, whatever blood or creed

Whence derives the evil, that makes some feel the need?

To destroy what Gods and Prophets, universally declare

That equal right of each of us, to live and prosper here.

So my Fellow Traveller, I may not know you well,

But we should start by being friends. As far as I can tell

We have no fight between us, nor God that disallows

Our friendship, while we try to keep our charitable vows.

Live in peace and prosper, be as happy as you can

If we meet, we will embrace as man with fellow man

And if our meeting is delayed until the life hereafter

Let’s make sure, our actions now, deserve future love and laughter.

                                                            George Potter