Fellow Travellers

We are six thousand million on this earth today

We recognise a handful, but that is not to say

That those we do not know, and those we haven’t met

Are any less important on this earthly realm, and yet,

Some present Religion as the faultless guide

To those that we should fear, or gladly stand beside.

As no-one fears a new born child, whatever blood or creed

Whence derives the evil, that makes some feel the need?

To destroy what Gods and Prophets, universally declare

That equal right of each of us, to live and prosper here.

So my Fellow Traveller, I may not know you well,

But we should start by being friends. As far as I can tell

We have no fight between us, nor God that disallows

Our friendship, while we try to keep our charitable vows.

Live in peace and prosper, be as happy as you can

If we meet, we will embrace as man with fellow man

And if our meeting is delayed until the life hereafter

Let’s make sure, our actions now, deserve future love and laughter.

                                                            George Potter